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Be part of the Fast Start Challenge!

Program duration: February to April 2024

Monthly prizes:

Receive a gift pack every accomplished month!


"Open and Share"

1x Smartphone Finger Holder

1x RioVida Stix

1x Energy Go Stix Tropical


"Active Life"

1x 4Life Pen

1x Renuvo

1x Pro-TF


"Happy Gut"

1x 4Life Mug

1x PRE/O

1x Glutamine Prime

1x Tri Factor

Grand prize: Cascais awaits!

Maintain the requirements for 3 consecutive months and you will automatically enter in the raffle for a trip to Cascais! A coastal gem nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the captivating Sintra mountains.
Dates: 26-29 September 2024
Stand a chance for the European Leadership Trip!

Challenge requirements:


Enroll 3 Preferred Customers each month (3x February, 3x March, 3x April):

• 2 with 150 LP each (Keep in mind the Immune Support Formula pack: top products, great discount, and free enrollment!)

• 1 with a Fast Start pack or a first order of 400LP or more.


Also, you need to:

• Maintain a minimum personal order of 150 LP monthly.

• All 3 enrollments must be in the same month.

• All new enrollees must to be from European markets.

• The enroller and sponsor must to be the same person.